The Business Case

To build a business case, you would like a sharp analysis, where costs can be lowered in the SharePoint administration, and where the security can be improved by minimizing the risk of creating false permission profiles

With the help of SPIDER you can create multiple benefits for both managing internal users and the management of the external users. Also, in the determination of specific groups of users, for example such as user profiles, with special high-security authorizations, the input for the calculation can be specifically defined.
The basic input to the business case, is the number of Sites and/or Site Collections in the SharePoint Farm to be managed. In addition, the number of users counts as an important starting point, together with the growth or decrease in users, and in the quantity of modifications, additions and changes in the permission profiles.
Also the time it takes for the administrator to manually perform each activity is taken into account, as well as the time spent by the technical administrator or helpdesk. This results in a number of activities and associated costs for each activity.
These total costs versus the yearly investment in the SPIDER software put on a time axis, provide you with the insight when the business case will be positive. Interested in a business case for your specific situation, please send us an email and we will contact you.

Practical example case:

For a customer in the Oil and Gas Industry 1200 external users had to be added in 600 SharePoint Sites.

Each user was thereby also added in 12 SharePoint groups.

  • SPIDER reads 100 Users / Group per second *) of a SharePoint Farm.
  • SPIDER writes 10 Users / Group per second *) across Sites.

That’s 1200 x 600 = 720 000 updates,  SPIDER performs this in  720 000/10/3600 = 20 hours, Unattended!

By Hand this would not have been possible (> 1 minute per 10 updates = 1200 hours very hard work!).

SPIDER is 60 x faster and without mistakes!

* Measured on customer location with a high speed network and High-End PC.

Note: Each customer situation includes customer-specific factors that we take into account, when putting together and building this business case.