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Enterprise Permission Management –
Monitoring the permissions of High Security users (Enterprise High Security Data – EHSD) with access to highly confidential information.


– Target audience
– About the Authors
– Enterprise Security Management at large
– Security protection od data by Preventive Monitoring and Access Audits
– SharePoint currently offers insufficient support
– With SPIDER Information Security Officers can do much more
– Mitigate security risks with SPIDER in complex SharePoint environments
– Business Case – practical example in the Oil & Gas Industry

For the moment the whitepaper is only availlable in Dutch, English version planned for end of December.

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SPIDER Whitepaper
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Spider SharePoint Provisioning –
Brief summary of the features and system environment in which to apply.


SPIDER creates direct access to the audit inspection and maintenance of your user permission management. For example to check your high security users quickly and efficiently.

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