Spider Permission Management

Managing user permissions in the heart of your organization, is the basis for the security of your SharePoint document management system. Preventing unauthorized users to access your data, will be one of the highest priorities in your security management processes. Standard maintenance procedures in SharePoint farms or for Sites are very time consuming. SPIDER is developed to accelerate this process.

Are you running SharePoint on-premise, in the cloud with Office 365 or as a hybrid SharePoint implementation? Does it run in a single or in multiple Farms? Then you should use SPIDER to manage your user permission management from a single workstation, or from multiple workstations with one single application.

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  • Free up SharePoint Administrator time
  • Eliminate configuration errors
  • Streamline the User management
  • Repeatable and Future Proof
  • 60 x faster than by hand!
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SPIDER Functions

Are you using SharePoint on-premise, in the cloud with Office 365 or as a hybrid SharePoint implementation? Runs it in one or more Farms? Then use SPIDER for permission management control from a single workstation, or from multiple workstations with one tool.

To control users identity, SPIDER is easy to integrate with a Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

SPIDER integrates also easily with an external claims management system like CA Technologies: CA Secure Cloud (formerly CA CloudMinder™).

Audit, clean-up or management of the SharePoint users permissions, working from the SPIDER dashboard across all Sites or Farms. The Security Manager/Administrator can revoke or modify permissions, change the basic permission set for each permission level. Adding or removing members of SharePoint groups is also possible.

It is important to have the possibility to be able to report at any time, who has what permissions and through which channels that permissions have been given.

Microsoft SharePoint does not offers these possibilities standard.

SPIDER creates direct access to the audit inspection and maintenance of your user permission management. Thus giving out unauthorized access to data for long periods can be prevented.

SPIDER uses the authorization profile of the Administrator or Security Manager. There are no additional settings required in SharePoint. Thus, the SPIDER function can be used fully in line with the GRC principles set by the organization.



Using SPIDER to actively manage permissions

SPIDER Permission Management for SharePoint Administrators and Security Officers.

With SPIDER you can revoke or modify permissions, and change the basic permission-set for each permission level. Monitoring is easy in the adding or removing of members of SharePoint Groups. Essentially SPIDER is your best friend, if you require a permission change in all (or a part) of a large set of comparable SharePoint Site Collections or Sites.

If an Administrator must perform a few quick actions or wants to get an overview of what is going on with permissions for a particular Site, then SPIDER comes into play. Also in the case of using a SharePoint Group for High Security Users the Security Officer can easily check the specific permissions of the user.

In short, this powerful application helps them optimally performing security monitoring and permission-related tasks.

Using SPIDER to manage permissions in Batch

One of the most frequent cases in permissions management comprises the permissions management of large groups of users (in batch). For example in adding a large number of internal and external users to existing SharePoint Sites and content. This is a fairly simple manual task when you’re just dealing with a few Site Collections, but what happens when it comes to hundreds or thousands of Sites?

The SPIDER application makes use of a standardized interface to SharePoint in order to execute the permission-related batch operations. All the features you expect to find are present in the installed Access Management Application. Thereby using the permissions set of the applicable Security Officer or SharePoint Administrator.

The usage of SPIDER is 60 times faster than running this process by hand, an audit trail is kept and it is also running without making errors!

SPIDER Preventive permission monitoring and auditing

Managing SharePoint permissions are serious business, and they should be seen as of paramount importance for the security of data. It is important to have the possibility to be able to report at any time, who has what permissions and through which channels that permissions have been given.

The SPIDER Audit Log section lets you easily find SharePoint Groups that have no rights in their Sites, or Groups that are owned by a user that has been revoked. As easily as you can detect Groups with revoked or “orphaned” users.

In addition to monitoring the audit trail, SPIDER can help you to clean the SharePoint installation by removing unused users and Groups.

SPIDER is the only application in the market providing these capabilities.  SPIDER provides support to the SharePoint Administrator or Security Officer to preventively monitor and manage permissions.

What is SPIDER?

SPIDER is a unique application that lets you easily manage permissions in a SharePoint Farm across Sites. You can use it to report on SharePoint permissions, and keep an eye on your SharePoint Farm’s health. By security monitoring you can preventively follow changes on your SharePoint Farm.

There is no need to install additional application software on the SharePoint server. Also, when migrating to a new SharePoint version, SPIDER is able to read all the previous old permissions and offer them to the new environment

The SPIDER Permission Management System can easily be implemented within a day in an environment using:

  • Excel / Office 365
  • SharePoint 2013 (Server & Foundation)
  • SharePoint 2010 (Server & Foundation)
  • SharePoint 2007 (MOSS, WSS 3.0)
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008 or 2012
  • SQL Server 2005, 2008 or 2012
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Business Case

To build a business case, you would like a sharp analysis, where costs can be lowered in the SharePoint administration, and where the security can be improved by minimizing the risk of creating false permission profiles.
The basic input to the business case is the number of Sites and/or Site Collections in the SharePoint Farm to be managed. In addition, the number of users counts as an important starting point, together with the growth or decrease in users, and in the quantity of modifications, additions and changes in the permission profiles.
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Why Spider?

  • Very easy to install, (within 1 Day)
  • High result on ROI, limited Administrator time
  • No impact on the SharePoint installation
  • Eliminate configuration errors
  • Monitor, analyze and maintain permissions
  • Keep Audit-trail of all changes and requests
  • Compare Farms and monitor changes
  • 60 x faster and more secure than by hand