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Yes, SPIDER is installed within one Day, pricing is managed-user based and very competitive.

Yes, for details of the benefits case see our business case whitepaper for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Yes, SPIDER will manage the permissions of internal an external users equally.

Yes, SPIDER is delivered with a high number of standard SharePoint API’s.

The installation process takes one Day only, the process also includes training of the administrator and running the first reporting cycle.

Yes, thousands of internal and/or external users permissions can be managed without performance limitations

Yes, No additional rework or additional solutions is needed. SPIDER is installed on the administrator client independent of the SharePoint installation, no need to change or modify SharePoint.

Yes, permissions can be managed based upon a start or revoke date.

Yes, permissions can be managed based upon a start or revoke date.

Yes, these lifecycle events from the HR system for example can trigger SPIDER to manage the permission change process from initiation through provisioning.

Yes, permissions can be managed across the complete user account lifecycle.

Yes, specially for selecting the user permissions that needs to be revoked SPIDER is the tool to use, it supports this action across multiple sites or within the SharePoint farm in one go.

Yes, SPIDER is very well equipped for migrating user permissions in bulk, specially across multiple sites within a SharePoint Farm.

Yes permission rights can be copied across multiple sites.

Yes, special user groups can be managed by selection to create the insight for the Security Manager.

Yes, SPIDER provides the insight reports for the Security Manager on the given user permissions, specially for the high security user overview these reports are beneficial information.

No, for security reasons the SPIDER permission management authorization is based upon the administrators permissions only. So if the administrator is allowed to managed other user permissions this is facilitated.

Yes, SPIDER provides the audit trail for the Security Manager.

Yes, SPIDER provides an audit trail with timestamps.

Yes, SPIDER can easily be integrated with third part access management products like for example CA Secure Cloud from CA Technologies

Yes, SPIDER can verify the provided e-mail address against the Active Directory or Claims Application from a cloud based external IAM solution.

Yes, SPIDER can integrate with the enterprise mail application for user verification.