The installation- and implementation support includes the following:

  1. Installing the software on the desktop of the Administrator
  2. The testing of interface programs
  3. Reading the user authorizations in one SharePoint instance
  4. Making the first scan
  5. SPIDER application training for the Administrator.

When first run, you obtain a clear understanding of all of the issued permissions for SharePoint users in the scope of the selection you made. SPIDER gives you the ability to add user permissions, modify or delete Site or Group structures in your entire SharePoint Farm. Also, when migrating to a new SharePoint version or structure, SPIDER is able to read all the previous old permissions and offer them to the new environment. This is a tremendous  improvement in the quality of the process, and generates great cost savings in the SharePoint management and preventive management of your high security users.

The speed, clarity and ease of use will amaze you!!


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