We launched our new product website! – SPIDER Permission Management

Avantess-IAM is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned product website for SPIDER Permission Management for Microsoft SharePoint.  We took a design approach that works for anyone on any web enabled device by working with www.Kirpunt.nl.

BIG THANK YOU from the Avantess-IAM team!

Are you running SharePoint on-premises, in the cloud,  in combination with Office 365 or as hybrid SharePoint deployment?  Running in single or multiple farms? Use SPIDER to manage and administer all permissions from one place in one console, or from many places with one application.

We hope you will enjoy it and find that it contains all the information you need to learn more about our SPIDER Permission Management application for Microsoft SharePoint. SPIDER has been released for sale in most of our current markets simultaneously.

Thank you for your support and we hope you will enjoy!

Click here for the link to the site.